Inspired people think differently.

This blog is for those great people who have a passion to succeed and make a real change, to themselves, and the world around them.

Whatever your passion, Business, Sports, Music, Fashion....or even fishing there are important lessons that can be taken from some of the most influential people around. Not only what to do...but also what not to do. Learning about what it takes to be at the top is both a humbling and daunting prospect. Daunting...because when you learn about the lives of these people, you realise it wasn't all plain sailing. Success came to them after many failures, many defeats, many tears and I'm sure, like many of us, overcoming self doubt was a huge battle, but humbling to know that if the reason you want to succeed is important enough, and you can work hard enough... you will find a way.

So whether you dream of starting a business , become a sporting legend, or star in the latest Hollywood blockbuster...

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