DropoutSuccess is a combination of lessons and inspiring stories of once ‘ordinary’ people who overcame difficulty, worked hard and sacrificed…but let nothing stop them on their journey to becoming GREAT.

So many factors are attributed to their rise to the top but as crazy as it might sound…FAILURE often teaches us what success simply cannot.  So with the people we admire, learn from or follow, we must take an interest in their failures to truly understand their successes.

Isn’t it somewhat reassuring to know that even the greatest people had difficulties in reaching the top, and it wasn’t always plain sailing for them?  There is no such thing as an overnight success but today there is a strong pressure to become one.   So let’s start to re-educate ourselves and understand that the journey to success is a long and bumpy road, there are no shortcuts and along the way we will probably hit some traffic, but once it clears our journey will continue and never early or late, but always perfectly on time…we will reach our destination.

Remember –  Failure is temporary…unless we choose to make it permanent.

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